Diet & Feeding

Each dog will be fed at the same regular intervals as they are fed at home. We stock a huge selection of premium brand dry, wet and pouched dog foods. If your dog is on a special diet or we do not stock your dogs regular diet you are welcome to bring this with you. However there is no discount for providing your own food. We have the facilities to handle raw food if desired, however, we don’t supply it.

Beds & Bedding

We encourage you to bring your dogs favorite toys and treats from home. In order to maintain our strict cleaning regimes and in the interest of hygiene we will not accept bedding and baskets into our kennels. We use vet bed which is recommended by veterinarians worldwide and is the only bedding that can be laundered at 90- degrees and dries in minutes It retains heat by trapping air within the fibres, helping to keep your dog warm and cosy. It has unique drainage properties keeping the top of your bedding dry, so you pet stays warm and dry.

We stock Kuranda beds which are healthier for dogs. They are elevated and a great relief to dog's joints. The cot-style design evenly distributes their weight so that there are no pressure points such as hips, elbows or shoulders that would get sore otherwise. They do not harbor allergens, dirt, bugs or dander


All dogs must have up to date vaccinations and must be covered for kennel cough. Vaccination certificates are required to be shown as evidence prior to boarding. (please note no dog will be admitted without certificates)

Once your puppy is 6 - 8 weeks old, they can have their first vaccinations. (This consists of 2 sets of injections, given 2 – 4 weeks apart) After having their initial vaccinations as a puppy, your dog will need regular booster injections throughout their life. If your dog’s vaccines lapse and go overdue they may need to be restarted.

The kennel cough vaccine should be administered 2 weeks before your dog’s due to board or very minimum of 7 days prior to boarding. Kennel cough vaccine can be administered by an injection or spray up the nose. Please note the Kc Vaccine is not part of your dog’s annual booster vaccinations so you may need to ask your vet for this separately. The owner is liable to make sure the dog is fully vaccinated prior to boarding. Kennel cough vaccine lasts 12 months - so should be repeated every year with the annual vaccinations. Kennel cough (nasal) (known as either Novibac KC, Bronchi-shield, Canigen KC) No need for re starts if missed or a puppy. We require it to be 7 days clear prior to boarding as it’s a live vaccination, recommended two weeks.

RESPIRA BB - The injection for KC (called Novibac Respira Bb). For dogs that have either never been vaccinated or never had KC, this is done the same as a restart (2 injections 2-4 weeks apart and then an annual injection). If the dog has had KC nasal, then it can then get the injection straight away and doesn’t need another one within 2-4 weeks. With the KC injection it’s live for 2 weeks so must always be 2 weeks clear before coming in. This also lasts one year. Like any vaccine, the kennel cough vaccine doesn’t give 100%, guaranteed protection, however, it does significantly reduce the chance that your dog will catch kennel cough and reduces symptoms if they do catch it. Having your dog regularly vaccinated keeps their immunity topped up and can help protect your dog against some potentially fatal diseases, such as parvovirus, canine distemper, leptospirosis and infectious canine hepatitis.

Medication - Medical Conditions

We must be notified at time of booking if your dog has a medical condition or is on any medication. If we have not been notified of condition, we reserve the right to refuse admission- this also applies if your dog is unwell. All dogs requiring the administration of medication must be accompanied with a vet label clearly showing your dog’s name, medication, dosage and frequency. There will be an additional fee for elaborate or complicated medicines i.e., daily baths (£5-£10) or out of hour medications (£3 per night).

On signing our terms and conditions you authorise Birdston Kennels to obtain your dog’s medical records and treatment as required. If anaesthetic is required, we will endeavour to contact you with the emergency contact details provided by yourself, however if we cannot contact you, you agree that we have permission to take the vets advice and proceed accordingly.In the event of illness or injury your pet will be taken at first opportunity to be examined. When taken for a vet visit you agree to pay all costs for examination and treatment in full. If you are insured, the pet owner is liable to pay Birdston kennels in full for vet costs and claim the difference back from their own insurance provider directly. We will use our local vet centre and out of hours services as required. You will be responsible for all vet fees on collection of your dog. There is a £10 Surcharge for travel to the vet.It is at the owner’s discretion whether to admit your dog based on medical conditions and age. *Please note we do not take dogs on insulin injections.

Opening Hours

Our opening hours are STRICTLY 9AM – 12PM (LUNCH) 2PM – 4PM

No dogs will be admitted or discharged out with these hours regardless of circumstances.We are closed to the public on Christmas day, boxing day, January 1st and January 2nd, although we are closed to the public our staff are still here working. We do not accept admissions and discharges on these days. You are welcome to view the kennels any day between the hours of 2-4pm, please call us in advanced to arrange a viewing.

Boarding Fees

Pick up and drop off times (9am-12 or 2-4pm)
1 dog £25
2 dogs sharing £39
3 dogs sharing £53

In winter months October to April it’s additional £1.50 per kennel per night for heating charges


A £50 non-refundable deposit will be required (via bank transfer or cash) at time of booking to secure place. We will reserve your booking for 48 hours, a deposit must be made within this period or you risk forfeiting the reserved kennel. Boarding fees are due and payable (in cash) for the full booking period on arrival. Though your dog may arrive late or to be collected prior to the date of departure full payment must be made.

Cancellation Policy

If you no longer need your stay please let us know as soon as possible, Late cancellation (within 72hr) or failure to show for date of check in you will be liable for and agree to pay us the entire booking balance on receipt of Birdston kennels invoice, no future bookings will be made until payment has been made.

Day Boarding (8am- 4pm strictly)

1 dog £15 per day
2 dogs £25 per day

Keep In Touch

We try to post pictures of our boarders on our Facebook page, named ‘Birdston Kennels’, as regularly as we can.

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