Dog Grooming Salon

Our dog grooming salon is situated within Birdston Luxury Kennels offering a complete range of grooming services. Our salon is a friendly and calm environment where the dog and owner are made to feel welcome by the staff. There will be a consultation given before the work is begun where the groomer will discuss with the owner and decide which style is best for the dog.

Our service is available to all breeds and cross breed, large or small.

During Your Dogs Visit

Time is taken to become familiar with your dog in order to develop trust. It is extremely important for your dog to trust his Groomer and to be comfortable with everything the Groomer does to him. We do not rush your dog through the grooming process. He needs to be groomed at a comfortable pace.

Working as a team we will provide the care that your dog needs to make his experience as pleasurable as possible. We take care in making sure our clients are re-assured and made comfortable so their grooming experience is a positive one.

Puppies First Visit

Puppies should be introduced into grooming when they are about 12 weeks old, you should contact your groomer at this time to discuss your puppy's grooming needs and to make an appointment for their first grooming session.

Time will be taken to allow your puppy to become familiar with his groomer. He will be introduced to all the new things that are happening to him re-assuringly.

With gentle guidance your companion will learn that grooming is an enjoyable experience and not something to be feared. The most important accomplishment of your dogs first visit is that it is a positive experience as a positive of negative experience can last a lifetime.

Remember keeping your dog groomed is an important part of keeping your dog happy and healthy.

Grooming prices between £15 - £60

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