How often your dog is groomed depends on their breed, hair type and activity level. You should brush your dog completely yourself completely every 2nd - 3rd day to prevent matts, and professional haircut every 8 -12 weeks. If your dog has a high maintenance coat you can bring him in for a bath /brush and face and feet tidy inbetween grooms, this is cheeper than a full groom. If your dog starts to develp matts bring them in to be groomed straight away. Matts are painful for your pet and can be a health hazard.

All Puppies should be introduced into the grooming salon when they are about 12 weeks old, by this time your puppy will be ready for his first bath and some grooming. Familiarising them to being handled. getting used to the routine, the groomer , the noise of the hairdryer and the environment. This is a short gentle session.

We allow approximately three hours to groom your dog however grooming times may vary. We never rush a dog or compromise the groom by lack of time. And if your dog is old or infirm they usually need a rest during the groom as it can be a long time to stand and very taxing on the old dog. It takes quite a long time to bath and dry a dog properly and this is the foundation of your groom.

This is not usually a good idea as to get the full co-operation of the dog I must have their undivided attention Most dogs behave much better without their owner there to distract them. However we always give the owner the option to stay should you feel that your dog would be more comfortable. We will give you a time to come back or give you a phone if your dogs groom if finished early.

If your do is badly matted sometimes we have no alternative but to offer a shave down service which provides a pain free method of removing matted hair to ensure that your dog does not suffer the unnecessary discomfort of having badly matted areas combed out Your dogs welfare is our main concern.

There's a common misconception that dogs don't need groomed over the winter months. The belief being that a dogs winter coat comes in and should be allowed to grow long to protect and warm the dog. Many people feel that their dogs aren't getting dirty enough to warrant bathing however grooming over the winter becomes even more important to the health of your dog. Long, wet, matted hair easily makes a cold, wet, and infection- susceptible dog. If thick coats in winter are not well maintained they can turn quickly into a matted mess. Fur that's matted doesn't insulate or provide warmth instead it provides discomfort , pain and hot spots. This can lead to infections below the skin, your dog health may suffer as a result .

Yes it is important to have your dog groomed regularly. Clipping hair from the affected area can help dry and heal the area. We will give your dog a gentle bath giving it a gentle clean helping circulation aiding healing. We have gentle shampoos to help dogs with skin conditions. Alternatively if your dog is on a special shampoo we can apply this free of charge.

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